President's Blog

Praying for our Fellowship Family

On the second Sunday in November each year we host “The Fellowship National Day of Prayer”. I invite you to join us for our next day of prayer, scheduled for Sunday, November 14.

This is a day to pray for our Fellowship of churches, our pastors, missionaries, chaplains, local church leaders, seminaries, National and Regional staff, and council members. It is also a day to pray for mission advance in Canada, our Gospel push into the nations, and a focused time to pray for religious liberty in our nation and for our political leaders.

Pray for the Fellowship

Pray in your Sunday worship gathering for our Fellowship. Send out prayer prompters to your small groups or to all your church members. Consider showing the four-minute video, We are the Fellowship as a way to introduce or remind us why we are “A movement of churches making passionate disciples of Jesus Christ”.

Whatever you choose to do, do it! Don’t let November 14, 2021 pass by without praying for our growing Fellowship family,