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Hands of Faith

In Colombia, it is estimated that there are half a million people with hearing difficulties. In the city of Medellin, the deaf population is about 25,000. The Redil Estadio church is currently the only family of believers seeking to reach the hearing-impaired in Medellin.

The Hands of Faith mini-appeal seeks to meet the need of the deaf population in Medellin. The goal is to raise $25,000 to cover the cost of bringing discipleship resources to life in ten videos. Funds received though Hands of Faith will go towards acquiring the appropriate equipment and professional staff time committed to video production and editing. Translating the materials into video format means they can be seen and understood online by the hearing-impaired. This complements existing discipleship classes and provides outreach opportunities. The development of these video resources is an extraordinary opportunity for communicating the Gospel to the deaf in Colombia.

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