Seeking to End Sex Trafficking in Canada

Sex trafficking is a significant issue in Canada and is a serious criminal offence. Did you know that 97% of victims are female and that 28% of victims are underage?

To help Fellowship churches counter this serious issue, in November 2017, FAIR announced a partnership with BridgeNorth at the Fellowship National Conference. The partnership exists to provide access to the training available through BridgeNorth for the purpose of equipping and encouraging Fellowship churches as well as ways to financially support this important work.

BridgeNorth is a survivor-led organization committed to ending sexual exploitation in Canada.

In the video below, while speaking at TEDxToronto, Founder and Executive Director, Cassandra Diamond shared her own experience of being trafficked and then talks more about the systemic issues that enable businesses to operate in plain sight and how you can help to advocate for change.

There are two ways that you and your church community can participate in this partnership.

  1. Consider giving to help BridgeNorth empower women and girls seeking to leave the sex trade.
  2. Consider inviting BridgeNorth to come give presentations or professional training on topics such as:
  • Survivor testimony
  • Human trafficking 101 and what you can do
  • Prostitution in Canada: facts and figures
  • Internet safety
  • Pornography’s link to human trafficking

To learn more, click here.

If you have any questions, please contact FAIR.