Shift >> Enter

What is “Shift >> Enter”?

“Shift >> Enter" is a video curriculum pilot episode which helps prepare young adults who are heading off to college and university to have an enduring faith in this often challenging transitional period of life.

This collaborative project is being designed by Tyndale University (Toronto, ON), Fellowship International, and Power to Change-Students. We are gathering feedback from this pilot episode and plan to develop a seven-part series, covering various topics designed to help set students heading to post-secondary on a trajectory of following Jesus wholeheartedly for a lifetime.

Why Was it Made?

This was developed as a response to the alarming trend we are seeing of youth leaving the faith during key times of transition, such as heading off to post-secondary education.

The recent Renegotiating Faith research reveals that only 25% of youth workers have a plan for their graduating students. The research also indicates the importance of mentorship and a “next” Christian community in the faith formation journey of a young adult. Mentorship helps call out the unique qualities of a student, and also serves to facilitate the introduction into the next Christian community, since they naturally age out of their previous youth-focused contexts. The study brought to light a real opportunity to lean into. Students are four times more likely to get connected into Christian community if someone helps make that connection.

A collective effort is needed to help students heading to college or university grow their Christian faith rather than leave it behind.

Our hope is that this video-based curriculum will be a catalyst for practical discussions and meaningful mentorship relationships. Whether in a small group or a one-on-one mentoring context, a leader can use the elements in this episode as a starting point to build a bigger plan, or to even facilitate the introduction of a mentorship program.

Let’s step in the gap together and help Gen Z grow and establish their faith so they can join us in building a flourishing church around the world!

How Can I Take Part?

Check It Out:
Use this pilot episode to help facilitate your own small group or one-to-one mentoring discussion. The episode is made up of five sections: an introduction, student story, scripture study, mentorship story, and a conclusion. You can show the entire episode with pauses for discussion or only the sections you find most helpful and add your own discussions in between. There are a few guided discussion questions in the Scripture study section, but you can add your own as well. We hope you can make use of this video in whatever way works for you!

Pilot Episode

Give Feedback:
We would love to hear how you and your student(s) felt about this first episode on “Community.”   

Give Feedback

Spread The Word: If you know anyone who would be interested in contributing to this project through offering feedback, expertise, or funding, contact Fellowship International director, Ben Porter.