Closeness to God in the Midst of Destruction

FAIR’s Lebanon Explosion Relief Appeal (Hope4Beirut) was launched in September 2020 to provide support for the families affected by the Beirut explosion in August 2020. The project included providing food and medical relief to more than 200 families, in addition to renovation work in 60 destroyed houses, trauma counselling and sharing the gospel and distributing Bibles through home visits and phone calls. However, the impact of the explosion combined with the financial crisis, and COVID-19 caused a sharp rise in poverty in Lebanon, therefore the food and medical relief work of our Hope4Beirut project has expanded to the surrounding areas of Beirut to minister to more than 800 families every month.

Recently we received stories from some of those who were able to receive support from this initiative.

Widad: “I thank God we were not home on the day of the explosion. My autistic child likes to sit on the balcony; I do not even want to imagine what would have happened to him! All my doors and windows were destroyed. The Hope4Beirut team supported us on every level, most importantly providing medicine for my autistic son and for me. Also they connected me to a church to which my family and I started going. I am enjoying this new closeness to God: I was always depressed but I could see God is present through the team. Their intervention saved my life!”

Nada: “I opened my eyes to find myself covered with blood and I could hear the voice of my 19 year-old son screaming. My house was completely destroyed. I did not know how to help him as I couldn’t get up. We were able to save him but he’s undergoing many surgeries. The Hope4Beirut team were quick to respond and were honest. Many organizations visited my house and collected data, never to return again. Because I lost my job, the Hope4Beirut team helped us with food parcels, medicine, they helped with fixing the walls and tiles in the house, in addition to connecting us to other churches for further construction.”

Fouad: “I live alone, I always feel lonely, and it was hard to pull myself up after I fell from the shaking caused by the explosion. I was so scared of dying alone since I suffer from a heart disease. The Hope4Beirut team contacted me and started providing me with heart medicine, since it became hard to find it in pharmacies since the economic crisis. They keep calling me, praying for me, and visiting me. I consider their love and care as the most precious service.”

Samar: “My eardrum was damaged due to the explosion. Most of our house appliances were also damaged. To add to the lack of money to buy food, I did not have a fridge to store the food for the next day. The Hope4Beirut team were supporting us with food and bought us a new fridge!”

Thank you so much for your partnership with FAIR in bringing timely care and support to many who were deeply affected by the port explosion in Lebanon. We continue to be amazed how Jesus guides His global church to care, bring healing, and hope.