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How do our Regions and National Ministries Support our Churches

How do our Regional and National ministries support our local churches to fulfill all God intended them to be and do?

Several years back hundreds of Fellowship pastors and leaders were involved in the formation of an overarching mission document for our association of churches. The result was our “We are the Fellowship” mission document which briefly states our mission, vision, values and strategy as a Fellowship of 500+ local churches across Canada.

You can see the document and a brief four minute video describing this document here.

Our mission statement says we are: “A movement of churches making passionate disciples of Jesus Christ.”

Our vision statement says: “We serve together to ensure every church has unforgettable Kingdom impact.”

HOW DO WE HELP Churches experience an Unforgettable Kingdom Impact?

What do our Fellowship Regions and National Fellowship do to help support our local churches on mission? A good question. Several years back this question was tackled again by our leaders. A simple brochure, entitled “Support for Fellowship Churches” was prepared to communicate how both National and Regional are working together to support our local churches, as follows:

How does National support our five Regions in serving our churches?

Here are a few highlights:

  • Church planting: National highlights church planting God-stories in the Thrive magazine, website, and other media. They also help to establish partnerships between Fellowship churches and Francophone church plants.

  • Church health: National provides access to a clergy-care hotline (1-888-5-CLERGY or for crisis member care of Fellowship pastors, missionaries and chaplains. Church loans are also available to churches. National makes available pension and health care plans.

  • Leadership Development: National celebrates leadership development God-stories through literature, website, and media. They also work with Regions to help facilitate the sharing of resources, information, and best practices.

How do our five Regions support our National Fellowship in serving our churches?

Highlights include:

  • Fellowship International: Regions provide opportunities for International department staff to meet with Regional clusters, associations, and groups of pastors when possible. They also assist with connecting missionaries to churches.

  • Fellowship Aid and International Relief (FAIR): Regions help create awareness of FAIR projects and programs, and provide opportunities for the FAIR Director to meet with Regional clusters, associations, and groups of pastors. They also promote FAIR through Regional literature and during conferences, highlighting the humanitarian needs being met through FAIR.

  • Fellowship Francophone: Regions assist National in creating awareness of francophone church planting needs in their Region. They also provide opportunities for Fellowship National staff to meet with stakeholders in the Region.

  • Fellowship Chaplaincy: Regions help promote the need for chaplains and assist with recruitment. They also help in the credentialing of chaplains.

  • Fellowship Services: In addition to promoting healthcare and pension plans to churches, Regions also make this information available during new pastor/church orientation.

As we partner and collaborate together on mission while sharing our common beliefs and values, may we continue to experience the “more fruit” that Jesus refers to in John 15.