Summer Camps Are BACK

Summer camps are indeed BACK in 2021! It’s been a long year with the COVID-19 pandemic taking its toll on everyone. With the warmer weather approaching, and the beginnings of a return to normalcy, everyone's itching for some long overdue fun. That’s where Onside Athletics comes in.

Since 2010, Onside Athletics has partnered with local churches to provide affordable, recreational, sports programming for families throughout Southern Ontario. Recently, we have joined the Fellowship family and our reach has expanded as far as Vancouver Island and now includes over 15 locations across Canada!

Onside Athletics is unique because of our values. We value first and foremost faith and aim to create opportunities to not only model the Gospel, but also to actively share it with our campers during our Team Talks. Onside is a sports camp which means we strive for excellence by encouraging skill development and healthy competition. This sports environment is one of the ways our camps provide an excellent opportunity for both our campers and our staff to refine their leadership skills. Another one of Onside’s values is family. Our staff is a supportive and loving community that aims to serve and involve the entire family; kids, parents and even grandparents alike. Finally, Onside Athletics places an emphasis on generosity. We are generous with our time and resources, intentionally keeping our camps affordable to reflect this value. The result of these five values is the forging of a connection between churches and families through sport.

This summer, we are excited to announce that we are back in action with full force. Onside Athletics has been blessed with the means to run in more locations and hire more staff than ever before. Currently, our team is hard at work preparing new and more activities that place an emphasis on skill development while still offering the traditional summer camp experience with the trademark Onside sizzle. Activities like Onside Olympics, Carnival Day, Water Balloon Royale and many more will make this summer, the best summer yet! The sports we offer include lacrosse, ball hockey, soccer, flag football, and basketball. For the full listing along with where you can find us and how to register, please visit our website.

To make this summer run smoothly and to its full potential, we would greatly appreciate your prayer for the safety of our staff and campers, the continued easing of restrictions to allow the running of camp to slowly return to normal, and prayer for opportunities to speak Christ into the lives of the families we serve. If you are interested in getting involved or learning more about us, please visit our website.