May Run

Most Canadians call it the Victoria Day weekend, initially designed to acknowledge Queen Victoria’s birthday, and celebrated on the last Monday before May 25. This year, 2021, the date actually falls on May 24th, Queen Victoria’s birthday. But the long weekend in May no longer really has anything to do with the monarchy. It is recognized by the majority to be the beginning of cottage season in Canada and the unofficial start of summer.

In a few (a very few) other places in Ontario, Victoria Day weekend is called “May Run,” the end of a long winter and its inevitable bout of “cabin fever.” The emphasis is on “run,” getting out into the bush, the official start of fishing season, and going camping—anything to get out of the house and away, even if there is still a bit of ice on the lake!

And speaking of camping…

FAIR’s recent mini-appeal, Sure Hope, addressed a ministry opportunity in Poland that has had a huge impact on Polish youth. In the many years that Pierre and Hanna Jutras have been in Poland, camps and youth leadership ministries have been established in three locations. These include winter and summer day camps, afterschool camps, and overnight summer camps.

Most of the children come from impoverished backgrounds. Camps like these would, under ordinary circumstances be impossible for them. Aside from fun activities and sports, the children and youth are exposed to the Gospel and many have come to faith in Christ.

These camps have also provided leadership training opportunities not only for Polish youth, but for teams of volunteers from Canada and other places who have ministered alongside the Jutras.

Through the Sure Hope mini-appeal, FAIR, in partnership with Pierre and Hanna, has sought to raise $25,000 to provide the resources necessary to keep the current camp ministries going and to support the effort to establish a new ministry in Lubelszyczyzna.

For more information on this ministry and how you can help underprivileged children and youth not only enjoy the great outdoors, but find hope in Christ, visit our website.