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Art Classes as a Creative Fundraising Tool

I recently learned of a wonderful way in which one FAIR donor was seeking to raise funds for our Fellowship humanitarian and relief appeals. I’d like her to explain, but first…

Our current FAIR appeal is called Brightening Smiles. We are seeking support for our mobile dental clinic in Cambodia. Oeut and Nhep Pech have cared for thousands of patients in rural villages in Cambodia, hundreds have come to Christ, over 50 dental students have been converted and four churches have been planted since 2007. Their ministry has been extraordinarily fruitful!

The FAIR mobile dental clinic receives no funding from the Cambodian government. I visited them a few years back and watched Nhep and dental students do extractions, fillings, and other dental procedures. Each patient also received a clear presentation of the Gospel. It was a fascinating day of practical Gospel penetration in a very remote Cambodian village

A FAIR Easter Offering

Would you consider an Easter offering for this FAIR appeal? Either yourself personally or your church? To find out more and get access to promotional materials like a poster, bulletin insert and video for Brightening Smiles, visit

A Creative Way to Support a FAIR Appeal

I heard from Averil Smith (Lansing Avenue Baptist Church, Sudbury, ON). She and her husband Mark serve on the pastoral team at Lansing. She is a busy mother of two and an artist. She decided to use her artistic skills as a means to fundraise for future FAIR appeals. I asked Averil to explain:

“At the Fellowship National Conference in 2016, I heard about the Philippines: Rebuilding Innocence project and my heart was deeply troubled. Back in my hotel room, taking in the amazing view of Niagara Falls, I began to dream. I had attended a few social painting events in Sudbury and thought it would be fun to teach a class myself. Would people really pay to spend an evening painting with me? Could I help alleviate some of the pain and suffering of these children? With the full support of my husband, and the encouragement of my adventurous sister and some enthusiastic friends, The Paint FAIR Project was born.

“I hosted painting parties in my home every Monday evening in February, “the month of love,” to introduce people to the concept of step-by-step painting instruction in a social setting. Participants paid $30 to attend; $5 covered the cost of supplies and $25 was given as a charitable donation to FAIR.

“Over the year I taught twenty-seven parties, ranging in size from two to 30 participants, including children all the way up to seniors. Together we raised $5,000 for various FAIR appeals. In addition to raising funds, we also spread awareness about FAIR and the plight of the people it supports, enjoyed fellowship, and created beautiful art.

“FAIR is on the front lines bringing the Gospel and hope to some of the world’s deepest needs. Please consider the resources God has placed at your disposal: talent and time, people and passion. What will your project be?”

Thank you Averil, for using your God-given talent to bless so many children in the Philippines. So many more of us could follow Averil’s example and mobilize many more people in giving to future FAIR relief, development, and justice projects. Please start today by thinking how to encourage others to give to our current Easter appeal, Brightening Smiles.

Thank you for generously giving.