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With Some Fish and a Few Loaves

It is just amazing to me that in a time of great fear and caution around travel, finance, and comfort due to COVID 19, God not only continues but increases the interest, passion, and recruitment of new missionaries to Fellowship International.

As a mission we recognize that we need to bring our couple of fish and a few loaves of bread and we must offer them to the Father through prayer and wait for Him to do the miraculous (John 6:1-14). We also know that God loves the world and that He wants the Good News of Jesus sent out (John 3:16, Matthew 28:16-20).

Over the last number of months, there have been over 30 new individuals in the process of exploring and applying for service with Fellowship International. God is moving! Prayer is foundational for both recruitment and impact around the world. Please join our team by praying for our current and future missionaries. May God bless you and guide you as you join Fellowship International in prayer.