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The Middletons are on the Move!

I would like to introduce you to Chris and Sara Middleton. They made a big decision recently, with the Lord’s leading, and our Fellowship International ministry affirmed this decision.

After serving at the Fellowship National Ministry Centre for over 8 years, they are on the move. Until recently, Chris’ role has been with Fellowship International, mobilizing new missionaries and helping our local churches in the area of short-term mission work. Before that, Chris and Sara served with Fellowship International as missionaries in Turkey.

Lord willing, they will be moving to Québec this summer to serve in our mission field next door. Québec is the largest under-reached people group in all the Americas. Only 0.8% of Francophone Canadians self-identify as evangelical Christian. The spiritual needs are immense. I commend the Middletons for obeying the Lord in this big decision, and joyfully recommend them to you and your church for support.

I’ll let Chris briefly explain their sense of calling to Québec and how they will be serving among our Fellowship Francophone churches:

"When Sara and I came home from Turkey in 2009 we weren't sure if God might ever lead us back out to serve cross-culturally. We knew that God had brought us home for a reason and we have enjoyed these years of training and mobilizing new missionaries for the harvest. Over the 8.5 years that we have been serving in the Fellowship International office we have wondered and prayed about the Lord's leading for the future.

“Over the last year we have felt a strong burden and desire to return to the mission field. As we prayed together with a small discernment team we really sensed the Lord's leading to Quebec. Sara and I are excited and a bit overwhelmed by the prospect of packing up our family of four and moving to Quebec to serve as catalyzers of disciple-making movements (DMMs) and field leaders for Fellowship International's newest field. We are looking forward to working in partnership with our Fellowship French Region to communicate the hope of Christ to a people group that is in great need and has little access to witnesses of the Gospel in their midst. We know that this transition will not be easy. We will need to work hard to become conversant in French, to dig in and begin to understand the Francophone Quebecois culture, and to discern how to share the good news of the Gospel in ways that will be heard and understood. We also know that we don't do this alone."

You can find further information about Chris and Sara by requesting a copy of their profile here. Make sure to share it with your church’s mission team!

The Middletons, like any other Fellowship International missionary, must form their personal partner support team. They already have an engaged team, however, they are in need of several other supporting churches and/or individual donors before they can leave for Québec. Would you prayerfully consider how you can support the Middletons? If interested, contact Chris HERE or the Fellowship International Associate Director, Luc Tétreault here.