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Harsh Conditions and Godís Peace

“Little house on the steppes of east Asia” is the best way to describe the way we have lived for the last 10 years. We, literally, live off the land with very few conveniences. It takes a lot of hard work, sweat, and trust in a gracious God to survive the desert land. Our town’s hospital has only one doctor (who is an alcoholic) and has neither the supplies or skills. When in medical need, the hospital of ‘choice’ is seven hours away in the country’s capital. You may be asking yourself why we would choose such a place. The answer is simple: we didn’t. God moved us to this land. He equipped us with everything we needed to enter this foreign land, and yet, when we became aware of COVID-19 sweeping across the country next door, we prayerfully decided that Rachel and the children should return to Canada for an early furlough, where there would be sure assistance for our asthmatic daughter.  We could sense that we would soon be locked in, and our opportunity to leave would be gone.  However, if Randy was to make an emergency exit, the government could terminate our visas. We didn’t wish to lose all that had been accomplished. Because the decision was made after praying and seeking counsel, God gave us His peace which is beyond our understanding even as we watched the country close its roads and borders the day after Rachel and the kids flew back to Canada.