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Abortion in Canada, Support Bill C-233

Have you noticed that abortion is in the news again? We must be coming close to a federal election.

Abortion rights were debated in the Conservative leaders English debate in mid-June. Angus-Reid polled Canadians this past year regarding their views on abortion. Whereas LGBTQ rights and doctor-assisted suicide continue a progressive trend upwards in the minds of Canadians, abortion remains divisive in Canada. (See my article on this evolving trend within Canada in the Fellowship’s recently published, Religious Freedom Watch Bulletin”.

Bill C-233 against sex selection abortion

In June, MP Cathay Wagantall, put forward a private member’s Bill which discourages discrimination on the basis of sex and prevents medical practitioners from performing an abortion solely on the basis of a child’s genetic sex. Canada has had no law governing abortion since 1988.

The bill addresses any action that deliberately seeks to eliminate one particular sex before birth. Often females are eliminated. A research report published in 2016 provided strong evidence suggesting that induced abortions are happening in Canada. One article estimates that about 4,500 female fetuses were not born over the past 22 years (CMAJ Open 2016, 4(2) E 116-123).

This practice is inconsistent with Canada’s commitment to protect the equal rights of all genders and end discrimination on the basis of genetic sex. The very idea of aborting a female fetus because she is a girl is repugnant.

Prayerfully consider supporting the private member’s bill C-233. The EFC (Evangelical Fellowship of Canada) has some further information on their website, including a template letter to use and send to your MP and our Prime Minister.

Why Not support PCC?  

Last year our FAIR department began a partnership on behalf of our churches with Pregnancy Care Canada (PCC), formerly known as CAPSS (Canadian Association of Pregnancy Support Services). Our objective is to further educated and equip Fellowship churches in how to reach out and resource women needing pregnancy support during the challenge of an unexpected pregnancy.

Through this partnership, resources can be made available to you and your church. The “Healing Conversations” booklet is a resource available to help believers speak into the lives of post-abortive women in a meaningful way. Churches may also choose to host a “Life Conversations” seminar with PCC’s help. These seminars help participants respond with accurate information, compassion, and hope. I encourage you and your church to donate to PCC so they can continue their good work.

I continue to find it remarkable that Canada remains one of the few developed nations with no abortion legislation. There is no protection for Canadians in utero. May God have mercy on us all.