Calling all Prayer Warriors

Do you have a little more time on your hands lately? Is “pray more” one of those pesky New Year’s Eve resolutions that you just haven’t gotten to yet? Are you looking to spend more time in prayer, but keep running out of new things to pray for? Do you long to see humanitarian and social justice needs met in a way that glorifies God?

If you answered YES to any (or all) of these questions, then let us introduce you to the “30 Days of Prayer for FAIR” guide.

This booklet contains country factoids and prayer requests specific to some of our most impactful FAIR ministries. It’s a great way to guide you through a month of asking that the Lord’s will be done through FAIR. Pray for one ministry per day. Then, repeat for another month and invite your church small group to join you on Zoom for a prayer meeting every week to lift up  days of FAIR prayer. Or maybe pass the booklet along to your friend, neighbour, family member or even co-worker!

Are you getting excited? Are you wondering how you can get your hands on this wonderful guide? Do you have visions of passing these out to your small group, church leaders or entire church? Fear not! Your very own copy is only a few clicks away by simply contacting Denise Wicks. Let us know how many copies of the prayer guide you want, where to send it, and how you’re intending to use it.

We hope and pray that you will find this resource as encouraging as we do!