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A Meaningful Last Word Before I Go

Your Will is the last statement you will ever make. Therefore, you want it to be a meaningful, well thought out last word.

With over 60% of Canadians living without a Will and many with one that needs review, the potential for billions of dollars to disappear for use in the Lord’s work is a reality. God owns all our stuff. We are only managers. The question becomes, “What should a Christian estate plan look like?”

The Fellowship recently partnered with ADVISORS with PurposeTM in order to connect our churches, leadership, and donors with qualified financial specialists. Experts who will help our Fellowship family plan a Will that reflects their faith, values, and desires.

ADVISORS with PurposeTM is a non-denominational Christian ministry organization committed to serving donors, charities, and ministries to release more resources for God’s Kingdom. This partnership works much like an outsourcing arrangement where we now have Christian planned giving specialists working for you, helping you through a strategic, estate-planning process. This service is provided at no cost to you or our churches. There are never any obligations, and the estate advisors will never sell any product. We know that the help received from them will further your desire to be found a faithful steward of all that God has entrusted to you. Let me ask: does your Will incorporate your faith and your values? Will the legacy you leave reflect the life you lived? If you have even the slightest doubt, I urge you to connect with our friends at ADVISORS with PurposeTM and speak with one of their estate specialists.

You can learn more by visiting the Fellowship’s website here. You can also call ADVISORS with PurposeTM at 1-866-580-9319 or email them at

We all need a Will. Without it, someone else will decide how to administer and distribute your estate, either to your heirs, taxes, or charities. Without a Will, nothing can go to charities. Having a well-planned Will has multiple benefits. It ensures your dependents will not experience difficulty in the execution of your Will, taxes will be kept to a minimum, and charities will benefit from your generosity after you’re gone.

Estate planning is often an overlooked area of charitable giving. However, it can have significant impact on the long-term sustainability of our local churches and the work the Fellowship does in communities across Canada and around the world.