A Timely Reminder

Last June, Fellowship International missionary Richard Flemming, and eight Canadian volunteers, were in the D.R. Congo to work on the foundation for the birthing centre funded through the Labour’s Refuge FAIR appeal. The birthing centre is being built in the village of Tonu, some 8oo kilometers from Kinshasa. Tonu, with its modest medical clinic, services 24 surrounding villages representing a little over 10,000 people.

One morning, after the team had experienced another setback in the work, Tonu’s district pastor took Richard aside. He said, “When this birthing center is built, women from these surrounding villages will come here to give birth. Now they do it in their huts, often under very difficult and very dangerous circumstances. This birthing centre will save lives!”

It was a timely reminder of the significant difference this project will make in the lives of many Congolese women and their children in the years to come.

Pray that the birthing centre will be operational this year and pray also for the countless lives that will be impacted by its completion.