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Merry Christmas from the Fellowship National Ministry Centre!

Our Fellowship National Staff want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

Exodus 3:13-14 captures an amazing exchange between God and Moses. Moses was told to refer to Jehovah as, “I AM WHO I AM.” In John 8:58, Jesus referred to Himself as the “I AM,” a not so subtle way of identifying Himself as divine. I am the Word, I am the Light, I am the Bread, I am the Door.

  • As the Word, Jesus came and spoke.
  • As the Light, Jesus came to shine.
  • As the Bread, Jesus came to satisfy.
  • As the Door, Jesus came to save.

Three wise men followed a star 2000 years ago, bearing gifts for the Saviour.

The first gift was gold, a gift fit for a king. A humble, unassuming infant lying in a manger is the Lord of Lords! Incredible.

The second gift was myrrh, a perfumed spice the ancients used to embalm the dead. This gift foretold Jesus’ end. The child starts in a cradle in a barn, only to end on a cross on skull-hill! Christmas without Easter, does not complete the story.

The last gift was frankincense, which was used in the Temple to symbolize the prayers of God’s people reaching up to God. By its very nature, our need of prayer implies our need for a Saviour. We seek Him out because we are dependent on Him. Christianity is first and foremost a faith founded on a:

  • Person, not a philosophy
  • Who, not a what
  • Relationship, not some rules

Celebrate with our National team the wondrous story once again this Christmas!

Until my next “Word from Steve” in early January, have a joy-filled Christmas and New Years!