In the Spirit of the Season

The arrival of one tiny baby was both a threat and a promise.

The coming of Jesus threatened the status quo. It could never be, “business as usual” again. His coming demanded a response and a commitment to change.

The coming of Jesus brought a promise: the promise of redemption for the repentant and abundant life here and in the hereafter.

The coming of Jesus changed everything.

As we look forward to the celebration of that coming, our thoughts are often overwhelmed, not by Jesus, but by the demands on our time, energy, and income that comes with the season. For some, Christmas is not a festival of light but a descent into the dark. December has been reported to be a season of the year that sees the highest rates of suicide.

Was there ever a time when Christmas was just all about Jesus? Perhaps that only happened on that very first Christmas and we’ve been going downhill ever since.

But perhaps we can help revive a little of the spirit of that first Christmas. Perhaps we can disturb the status quo of too much excess and too little thought about what the season really is all about. Perhaps we can offer new life in the spirit of Jesus.

God gave to a spiritually impoverished world a gift that would change that world.

We can give to an impoverished world a gift that, though it won’t make the difference Jesus did, will certainly point the way to Him as that best of all gifts that really can change the world.


Sit down as family, growth group, Bible study group, or church and check out FAIR’s catalogue of projects. Decide what project or projects you would like to bless with your support and give with all the love and joy that God the Father offered when He sent Jesus to live among us. You can give knowing that whatever the project is that you have chosen someone will be there, onsite, to deliver it along with the message of redemption and abundant life that Jesus came to deliver so long ago.

One tiny child made a difference. You can too.