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Occasionally I’m asked what the difference is between the work of Fellowship chaplains and our pastors. In the manual, “The Work of the Chaplain”, Paget and McCormick state:

“It is important to keep the two roles (pastors and chaplains) distinct. Chaplains are, ‘providing a credible spiritual service and pastoral support as they bring the presence of God into the workplace’.

“A chaplain is essentially a spiritual representative attached to a secular institution. They are expected to serve the spiritual and emotional needs of others.

“A chaplain is one who formally serves as a recognized spiritual provider in a ‘particular’ context that is not generally accessible to the public, including pastors. As chaplains bring Christ’s presence into the workplace the Lord opens doors for them to provide, ‘credible spiritual service and pastoral support’ to those who may or may not be intentionally seeking help.”

Some News from a couple of our Chaplains

Danielle Presseault: Community Chaplain

Currently, 17 of our 88 Fellowship chaplains are female. Chaplain Danielle is a “community chaplain” in the Ottawa, ON area. She is also a mother, and wife of pastor Kevin Presseault of Greenbelt Community Church (a Fellowship church).

I will let Danielle introduce herself and her chaplaincy ministry to you:

Danielle Presseault

Danielle Presseault, community chaplain

“I serve as a chaplain in the Beacon Hill community, and am a member of a committee which specifically reaches out to the Jasmine Crescent neighbourhood, a community paralyzed by a long succession of violent crimes. Working alongside the local resource centre team (police, child and youth workers, the city councilor, as well as Jasmine Crescent neighbours) we seek to help restore hope in the community.

“Initially, there had been pushback from local stakeholders as to whether or not to allow the Christian community onto the team, as there were concerns about proselytization, but God brought down one wall after another. I am now just another member of the team who is relied upon as part of the puzzle offering services, support, and hope.

“Free space in the Ottawa Public Library has been generously offered to provide spiritual care and counselling right where the people are – in their community. I have begun a partnership with volunteers so that Beacon of Hope can offer ESL classes, paint workshops, and seniors groups, also in partnership with the library.

“I’ve also hosted a small Bible study in the Library using video resources from RightNow Media which is being made available to us by Greenbelt Baptist Church. We are seeing people gain a greater understanding of who God is and how that makes a difference in their lives.

“Our prayer is that God would give Beacon of Hope Chaplaincy favour in the community and that the people He wants us to reach or meet the needs of would be receptive to the activities and services offered. We want to build a positive and warm rapport with whomever God brings.

“I have been sincerely amazed by our volunteers and their willingness to share their gifts with our community! I have also been in awe of God and how He has connected us to so many beautiful people. Our weekly ESL and Bible study, entitled Spiritual Rhythms, are just a couple of ways I remain connected to our community.”

(Captain) Alexander Krause: Military Chaplain

I visited with Alex in Winnipeg in November 2018. As a military chaplain with the Canadian Armed Forces, Alex is required to be credentialed through his Church Association. Alex will be completing his MDiv Studies and beginning a two-year internship with Bethel Baptist Church in Winnipeg, MB. Pastor Arden Boville will have the joy of coaching this godly man for two years as he prepares for chaplaincy ministry in the armed forces.

In a recent phone conversation, I learned from the “Baptist Rep.” on the Canadian Armed Forces Chaplains Council that the fastest growing group among new chaplain recruits are “evangelicals”. Alex and several new Fellowship military chaplains have a ministry of presence among the soldiers they serve.

I will let Alex introduce himself to you:

Alexander Krause (Captain) Alexander Krause, military chaplain

“My name is Alexander Krause and I joined Fellowship Chaplaincy in 2015. I am a military chaplain and am currently studying at Providence Seminary within the Masters of Divinity program.

“This past year, I have had the opportunity to minister in Winnipeg with some fellow believers. We try to go into the city once each week and distribute sandwiches to the needy and pray for those who are open to us doing so. I have talked with many homeless people and have had the opportunity to tell them about Christ's love for them.

“Please pray that God would continue to reveal himself to me and that I would seek him through my studies as I work toward completing the MDiv program at Providence Seminary.

Take Aways – Fellowship chaplain one-liners collected from visits with them

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