Quickie Quiz

The key questions for journalists are: Who? What? When? Where? Why? The 5 Ws (or W5 for viewers of CTV's long-running investigative reports, news, and current affairs program) also serve to test our memories.

Here are a few "FAIR" questions for you. Check your answers by following the links.

WHAT is Fresh Start?

WHO is the Director of FAIR?

WHAT does Cultivating a Community mean?

WHAT are FAIR Catalogue Projects?

WHO oversees the Abba Father ministry in Colombia? 

WHERE did Cyclone Idai, a FAIR 2019 emergency appeal, land?

WHEN did FAIR come into existence?

WHAT is a FAIR bank?

WHERE does FAIR work?

WHY does FAIR exist? 

For WHAT is FAIR an acronym?


WHO partners with FAIR to help Fellowship churches sponsor refugee families?

WHAT is BridgeNorth?

WHAT does FAIR most value?

Feel free to use this Quickie Quiz with your small group as a way of promoting interest in FAIR and its ministries around the world.