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You canít take it with you!

The month of May is called, “Leave[DB1]  a Legacy” month in Canada. Canadians are encouraged to leave a gift through their will or another planned-giving vehicle.

We’re encouraged to donate towards those ministries or organizations that we already support and have a meaningful attachment to. One Development Coordinator said, “It’s a way to make a tremendous impact and control what your legacy is”.

Our Fellowship created the Fellowship Foundation in 2015 and I have been very encouraged by many within our Fellowship family who have used it for direct and investment purposes along with legacy giving through their estate. In less than four years our Foundation has grown to almost $6 million, of which $3.32 million are legacy gifts designated to a variety of Fellowship ministries including local churches, Regions, schools, and national ministries. The following pie chart indicates the designations and percentages. These ministries will benefit from the foresight of donors for years and years to come.

Legacy Gifts and the different Fellowship Ministries

A Couple Tips to Consider

  1. Talk to your family about your wishes. These conversations may be difficult, but discussing this now will make decisions much easier for your loved ones in the future.
  2. Get professional advice. A financial advisor can help you explore various legacy options.

I would encourage you to start by contacting our Fellowship Advancement Director, Gord Baptist at, to find out more about legacy giving to our Fellowship Foundation. Gord can help you in designating your legacy to any Fellowship ministry and also help you get your will prepared.

A Word from Gord

Gord Baptist

“If you are considering this step and would like more information, feel free to contact me. We will assist in helping you fulfill your generosity by providing you with the means to distribute that which God has laid on your heart and direct your legacy to the ministries that you are most passionate about. If you do not have a will, we can provide the legal support to have one done for you quickly, easily, and with a legal cost that is affordable. Feel free to contact me and together, let’s complete your legacy to God’s Kingdom.”

Gord Baptist is Fellowship Advancement Director and can be reached at:
519-821-4830, extension 244 – fax: 519-821-9829 –

During the month of May, please prayerfully consider leaving a legacy to the Fellowship through your will. If you’ve been part of our Fellowship family for years, even decades, this would be a tremendous support to the faith-family you have served and loved for years to come. Think strategically when it comes to your estate. What have you highly valued all your life other than your children and other family members? For some, including a charity in your will can actually increase the amount we leave to our spouse or children because of off-setting taxes.

Contact Gord and he can answer your questions.