The Advantages of "Many Hands"

FAIR believes in partnerships. It has to. It would simply be impossible for FAIR to do all that it does without joining hands with others.

First of all, FAIR partners with the missionaries who serve so faithfully with our own overseas ministry, Fellowship International. Our missionaries are the “ground troops” who understand from personal experience what projects would help them meet the needs of the people they work with, and what projects would help them build a platform for the Gospel in the countries where they serve. You will find many of these projects, overseen by members of our overseas family, listed at www.fellowship.ca/FAIRCatalogue .

In a very real sense, FAIR partners with our Fellowship constituency, but it isn’t only about the financial support. Once in a while our Fellowship churches, and individuals from our churches, bring needs to our attention, most often when an emergency situation crops up in some corner of the world where they have a personal interest. Many of our churches feel much more confident contributing to disaster or emergency relief through the Fellowship than they do through any other organization. When they feel the urge to support in a particular situation they will often ask if FAIR is involved. Sometimes it is not possible to respond to the needs represented by those requests, but sometimes it is, and when it is we can partner together to meet it. When emergencies arise and disaster strikes in some part of the world where FAIR does not have personnel on the ground, it often partners with other reliable and like-minded agencies who already have people there and who can be trusted to be accountable and responsible.

Some projects and ministries are too huge for FAIR to deal with on its own, but are vitally important to all of us as believers. To meet some of those needs, FAIR has engaged in formal partnerships with agencies that share our values as a Fellowship of churches. These include partnerships with the Christian and Missionary Alliance  through refugee sponsorship, BridgeNorth in equipping and encouraging our Fellowship churches to join the movement to end sexual exploitation within Canada, and the International Justice Mission in protecting, rescuing, and rehabilitating those around the world who have become victims of violent criminals and sexual predators.

 Yes, we believe in partnerships. And we are grateful for the one we share with you!