Tearfund Canada

Teal blue background with the word 'tearfund'Tearfund Canada’s aim is to provide relief and development assistance to the those who are oppressed, poor, and suffering around the world. This is done through partnerships with churches and Christian agencies and organizations.

Tearfund employs a unique church-based community transformation model that empowers the local church to restore the broken relationships — with God, others, ourselves, and creation — which are the root cause of poverty. They manage programs with local churches worldwide in emergency relief, conservation agriculture, and village savings groups.

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Our Partnership

In spring of 2021, FAIR announced its partnership with Tearfund Canada to help FAIR respond to crises in India and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Tearfund has a long history of providing disaster relief to communities in crisis through its strong network of local church communities and disaster response teams in many countries around the world. This partnership is already strengthening the Fellowship’s ability to respond to crises throughout the world with the compassion of Christ, helping communities recover. We look forward to the many ways God can help us learn and work together in the years to come.

Current Projects

At this time, we have no active projects in partnership with Tearfund Canada.

Past Projects

Together we have partnered in disaster relief projects in:

  • India
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Haiti