The following is a listing of countries where Fellowship International currently has personnel located and the type of ministry being done.

∙ Bulgaria (church planting)

∙ Cambodia (humanitarian; church planting)

∙ Canada (intercultural ministries) 

∙ Chile (church planting)

∙ Colombia (church planting)

∙ Congo (leadership/mission development)

∙ France (church planting)

∙ Honduras (humanitarian; leadership development)

∙ Italy (church planting)

∙ India (leadership development)

∙ Indonesia (leadership training; church planting)

∙ Japan (church planting)

∙ Kazakhstan (church development)

∙ Kenya (theological education)

∙ Pakistan (evangelism; church planting; medical ministry)

∙ Poland (church planting)

∙ Spain (church planting)

∙ Venezuela  (leadership training; church planting)

Fellowship International continues to be connected with ministry in Turkey, Mexico, South Africa, and the Philippines although currently no personnel are on location.