What We Do

The Fellowship is a voluntary association of churches. Membership in The Fellowship requires that each church be in agreement with The Fellowship's Statement of Faith. Other than this basic requirement, Fellowship churches enjoy a great measure of independence. Ties are formed through relationships, rather than lines of authority. Beyond the local church, ministry within The Fellowship happens at three levels:

NATIONAL: The President and National Council cast vision for The Fellowship. Each year, Fellowship churches send delegates (messengers) to our annual National Convention, The Fellowship's final decision-making body. Convention, or Fellowship 48, is also an excellent opportunity for learning and networking with fellow pastors and laypeople from across the country.

The Fellowship administers a number of programs to assist local churches, funded by donations and bequests given to our national body. Our Pension and Group Benefits plans are administered nationally for participating churches, giving our pastors, missionaries, chaplains, and their families access to affordable insurance coverage.

MINISTRIES:  The Fellowship has ministry arms that work in partnership with our local churches. Fellowship International is our overseas mission’s arm, with missionaries working in more than 20 countries worldwide. Fellowship Ministries includes church-planting in French-speaking Canada and chaplains who bring the Gospel into the busy Canadian workplace. Fellowship Ministries also provides encouragement and resources to our Regions to assist them as they work with our churches to fulfill Christ’s commission in their communities, Regions, across Canada and around the world.

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 Directional Document [CLICK HERE]
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REGIONAL: The majority of interactions between The Fellowship and local churches are accomplished through our Regions. Major Regional responsibilities include church planting and providing training and support for pastors and other church leaders.

The Fellowship exists for the benefit of our churches, not the other way around. Together we will embrace the challenges and opportunities facing us as we minister to our nation and the world.