Who We Are

The Fellowship is a movement of over 500 Evangelical Baptist Churches scattered across Canada from the Yukon to the tip of Nova Scotia.

National Council
The National Council is the policy-making body of The Fellowship, and is ultimately responsible for all ministry activities and business affairs of The Fellowship. To ensure that the identity, mission and strategy of The Fellowship are fulfilled, the National President, through the National Council, is responsible for the supervision and coordination of the entire mission of The Fellowship.

The National Council meets at least three times each year and is elected at the annual National Convention in the first week of November. The council is made up of representatives from across Canada with varying spiritual gifts, expertise and experience, who have a desire and passion to see The Fellowship, its Regions and churches grow and thrive.

Bylaws Approved — November 2014
Approved Fellowship Bylaws (November 12, 2014).
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Marriage Policy
The National Council resolves the following to be the official policy of the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada with regard to marriage.
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