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Freedom Sunday (September 24)
posted August 17, 2017

Slavery still exists. It’s a very real part of the lives of many people in some countries in our world even today.

FAIR’s partner organization, International Justice Mission (IJM), fights against injustices like slavery every day in the countries and lives most affected. They have been encouraging the global church to open their eyes and hearts to the reality of slavery by educating their communities and being in prayer.

On September 24th, IJM invites you and your congregation to participate in FREEDOM SUNDAY. This global movement is a day to learn and educate about modern day slavery and pray for its end in our generation. We hope you’ll join with faith communities across the world.

Take 5-10 minutes during your service on September 24 to pray for the end of slavery.  

Learn more about FREEDOM SUNDAY or request resources here.

FAIR Blog - Freedom Sunday