Mobile Dental Clinic

FAIR - Cambodia mobile dental clinicWho would imagine that a dentist's drill could be an instrument of redemption? The people of highland Khmer and rural Cambodia are poor—the cost of dental care is beyond their means. In addition, community health centers do not have nurses specializing in dentistry on staff and there is little dental equipment available. All of those factors make the FAIR-funded mobile dental clinic operated by Oeut and Nhep Pech a golden opportunity for meeting real needs and building bridges into communities without Christ.

Distribution of toothpaste and brushes to help as preventive measures also serve to demonstrate the practical side of Christ's love for the needy in this country. Your contribution to the Mobile Dental Clinic project aids in the expansion of the Gospel in regions where the message is not widely known. (#3225)

· Cost: $12 per patientGeneral - Click to donate 2

 Project overseers: Ouet and Nhep Pech