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Pakistan Flooding Relief

Pakistan Flooding Relief

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The Situation in Pakistan

While COVID-19 has hit every segment of society around the world, it has been keenly felt in Pakistan where the poorest families, who are mostly dependent on daily work, continue to experience significant impacts on their income. As grocery prices increase worldwide, merely having enough food to eat is becoming increasingly difficult.

In mid-June, heavier than normal monsoon rains began falling and have continued to fall well into August. It is estimated that the amount of rainfall is10 times the normal amount for this time of year in Sindh province, where Shikarpur Christian Hospital (SCH) and Pakistan Bible Correspondence School (PBCS) are located. The Pakistani government and army have been working to provide relief, and on August 23 the government launched an international appeal to help the hardest hit areas with relief and reconstruction.

The Damage

The infrastructure of the streets and towns in the Sindh province are not built to handle such amounts of water and the ground does not absorb water well due to the intensive use of irrigation. This, combined with the flat landscape, has resulted in significant flooding in urban areas as well as farmland. Homes made from unbaked bricks dissolve in the excessive rain, crops have been destroyed by standing water, and roads and bridges have been washed away. Food stored for the year has been destroyed and there are no places to even prepare food. Shikarpur Christian Hospital has also been significantly affected because its roofs, which are flat, are unable to handle the constant rains, leading to leaking and making sections of the hospital unusable.

The Need

The heavy rains and flooding has impacted all areas of life — disrupting income, water and food sources, housing, and healthcare. It has also brought mosquitoes and, with them, diseases like malaria. The most immediate needs are for food, water, and mosquito nets which will help families make it both through the remainder of the monsoon season, and as they begin the process of rebuilding their homes and livelihoods.

Will You Join Us?

FAIR has already sent initial funds to purchase urgently needed food supplies and mosquito nets for 100 families. To continue to provide relief in the Sindh province, FAIR is seeking your help. In partnership with SCH and PBCS, funds raised through FAIR’s Pakistan Flooding Relief emergency appeal will provide food packages, tents, and supports for the rebuilding process. Relief for one family costs $65, and includes a food package, tent, and mosquito net. Once the rain and flooding subside, funds will contribute to rebuilding homes, repairing the hospital, and helping community members reestablish their livelihoods.

Would you consider making a donation today?

RAISED: $ 91,148.00