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Rescue Me!

Rescue Me!

PROJECT #: 3004


Day in and day out, people across the globe use the internet. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs, and other connected devices are so integrated into our lives that we hardly think about them. We don't like to think about their negative potential, or how the internet can be a window into the darkest places of the human soul.

Cybersex trafficking is a modern day form of slavery. Through the same kind of devices we use every day to communicate with loved ones and far away friends, adults inflict sexual abuse on boys and girls. They record these abuses and forced sex acts, then sell the show to the pedophiles and predators willing to pay.

In January 2017, FAIR, in partnership with International Justice Mission (IJM), launched the Rebuilding Innocence appeal. Many churches and individuals gave generously to this project, for which we are so thankful. The funds raised were used to improve the aftercare available to children in the Philippines being rescued from online sexual exploitation.

Once again, we come to you seeing the need of these children in the Philippines. They need hope. They need justice. But their most immediate need is rescue from their abusers. IJM is working with and through the justice system in the Philippines to find, rescue, and protect these young victims but there are thousands of leads, and it takes skilled people and resources to accomplish even one rescue.

Through the Rescue Me! appeal, FAIR is seeking to raise $135,000 to partner with IJM and provide for the costs related to 14 rescues. Each rescue requires funds for elements such as investigation of tips, staff time, transportation, immediate care, and assessment of rescued children.

The picture is bleak and the outlook is heavy — but there is hope. God promises rescue and justice for the oppressed. He works to make these a reality through ordinary people, doing seemingly small things that are magnified for huge Kingdom impact. With your help, and IJM's expertise, we can bring light to these dark places.

Will you prayerfully consider how you can partner with FAIR through this appeal? Consider making Rescue Me! the focus of your Easter or tax return giving this year. Together we can change the lives of children in desperate need of rescue.

RAISED: $ 62,655
GOAL: $ 135,000