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Architecture for the Soul

Architecture for the Soul

PROJECT #: 3214

FAIR is partnering with Watumea Baptist Church in Indonesia and Compassion International to impact the lives of children from lower income families. The church provides an educational program to 315 children ages 5-18. In addition to their studies, students gain the social skills needed for life, they learn to play music and how to speak English, and also acquire other skills that help shape them for the future. School is a place where they can feel secure and learn about Christ and how to love Him.

A new facility is being built to better meet the needs of the school. The facility, when finished, will have 8-10 rooms, a dining room, a worship room, and an office for staff members.

Pray that the provision of education will help break the cycle of poverty for these children and their families. Pray that their lives would be impacted by the love of Christ in a meaningful and visible way.

Project overseers: Edwin and Helmi Karwur

RAISED: $ 8,815
GOAL: $ 25,000