Ministry Personnel


Grady and Brittany

Significant Dates:

∙ Appointed in 2020 for mid-term service with LAUNCH in the Philippines.

Grady was born to missionary parents in Japan and Brittany grew up in a Christian home in Canada. After serving with Athletes in Action in Edmonton for three years, Brittany pursued a Master of Education to cultivate her teaching skills. Meanwhile, Grady completed a Master of Arts in Global Governance, where he learned that he enjoyed teaching. After much prayer about how God might use them for His Kingdom, God prompted the idea of teaching internationally.

As they were wrapping up their respective programs, Grady and Brittany contacted Faith Academy, an international Christian school that offers kindergarden to Grade 12 education to children from Christian and non-Christian third-culture families, especially children of missionaries in the Philippines. This is the very school that Grady attended as a high school student. When they learned that they could fill critical needs that the school had, Grady and Brittany applied as high school teachers and were accepted to Faith Academy. After completing a mid-term assignment at the school, they applied and were accepted to serve as long-term missionaries with Fellowship International..

As high school teachers, Grady and Brittany will be able to leverage their unique backgrounds and skillsets to teach, coach, mentor, and disciple high school students. By God’s grace they hope to advance the Great Commission and serve missionaries across Southeast Asia by providing a transformative, Christ-centred education.