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Andrew and Tanja

CHURCH: New West Community Church, New Westminster, BC

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Andrew and Tanja both grew up in Christian families and received Christ as children. While studying biology at the University of Victoria, Andrew travelled to Japan for short-term service with Fellowship International following the devastating earthquake and tsunami which struck Japan in March 2011. After graduation in 2012, Andrew enrolled at Northwest Baptist Seminary where he met Tanja who was studying towards an MA in Humanities at TWU. Seeking the Lord’s guidance, Andrew and Tanja served with church planters in Japan for five months starting in Fall 2015.

Despite the challenges faced by missionaries in Japan (where only 0.5% name Christ as Lord and Saviour), Andrew and Tanja are eager to be a part of God’s work amongst the Japanese people. God willing, the Rokebys plan to partner with existing local churches to disciple and equip Japanese lay people to lead in the local church and bring the Good News into their communities. Additionally, the Rokebys will work to build relationships within their community to proclaim salvation in Jesus Christ. In time, the Rokebys will partner with Japanese lay leaders to plant indigenous led churches.

The Rokebys are anticipating an Autumn 2023 departure for Japan.

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