The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted life as we know it and no one really knows if things will ever return to ‘normal’. Hit especially hard has been the Church leaving pastors and congregations struggling with feelings of isolation, disconnection, and distraction. In fact, recent studies done by the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada has found that at least 20% of Christians do not plan on returning to in-person church.

The Fellowship has developed a partnership with WayBase, a digital platform that helps churches and people connect together in new and meaningful ways using two components: a website and a mobile app.


The WayBase website helps Christian organizations to easily connect and discover opportunities to serve the greatest needs in their area.


Engage is an app that churches can use to help people grow spiritually through practical actions and meaningful relationships—without distractions.

This new partnership with WayBase, provides Fellowship churches with 20% off their subscription, along with demos, training, and helpful planning.

To claim this special offer, visit the WayBase website.