LeadersFormation Opportunities

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• Become a certified LeadersFormation facilitator by joining one of the two-day training workshops being offered.
• Train local pastors in many of our ongoing cohorts by joining our team of LeadersFormation facilitators.


• Contact us for more information related to financially partnering in a new LeadersFormation project.
• Consider sending a trained facilitator each year.
• As a partner with LeadersFormation, propose a new mission field for consideration.

One-time Gifts

• To promote new LeadersFormation cohorts and follow up on requests to start new cohorts.
• To translate new curriculum into various languages.
• To purchase and provide Bibles in local languages to pastor in cohorts.
• To sponsor pastors in cohorts by providing resources and reference materials.

Monthly Support

• Consider financially supporting the International Coordinator’s ministry.


Ongoing Projects

• India (five second-generation cohorts)
• Nigeria (one cohort)
• Philippines (two cohorts in the Islands of Leyte and Mindanao)

New Projects Requiring Partners

• Dominica
• Indonesia
• Kenya

Projects Under Consideration

• D.R. Congo
• Lebanon
• Spain
• Sri Lanka
• Zambia



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