Services - Brokerforce insurance logoWith their Sanctuary – Plus Protection plan, Brokerforce has been servicing Churches since 1963 and currently insures over 65% of our Fellowship Churches.

The Sanctuary – Plus protection includes:

∙ All Risk form coverage on buildings, equipment and contents,
∙ Loss of church income due to a claim,
∙ Offering loss,
∙ Extra expense of renting other premises in the event of a claim,
∙ Church crime and dishonesty of employees,
∙ Church liability for bodily injury and property damage,
∙ Religious counseling including all leaders, teachers, daycare workers,
∙ Abuse liability for molestation, sexual abuse, harassment and corporal punishment,
∙ Directors and officer’s liability for wrongful deeds of the church leadership,
∙ Umbrella liability for the world-wide liability exposure of our churches (mission trips etc).

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