JBEQ is a summer missions ministry for young people with a desire to serve, to evangelize and to grow in their faith. JBEQ started in 1972 when 14 young people spent the summer months working with seven churches to help them evangelize their communities.

By training and developing young people from French churches, the leaders of the French Region were able to recruit a new generation of leaders. Over the years, many young people who participated in JBEQ felt a call to ministry, took theological training and became church leaders.

JBEQ teams are mainly composed of young people from Quebec, but there is also room for candidates from other areas who are looking for a summer missions experience in a dynamic cross-cultural setting. A basic knowledge of French is necessary.

The JBEQ ministry is under the administration of the Association d’Églises Baptistes Évangéliques au Quebec and is led by Guy Lavoie, a missionary receiving support with the Fellowship French Mission. Contact:

Guy Lavoie, JBEQ
c/o Association d’Églises Baptistes Évangéliques au Quebec
7415, boul. Gouin Ouest
Montréal, QC H4K 1B8
Phone : 514-337-2555; 450-965-1098
Fax : 514-337-8892
Email : jbeq@videotron.ca