About Us

We use the term "French Canada" to refer to the 6,800,000 Canadian citizens who speak French as their first language. The overall population of Canada is estimated at 33,500,000 (in 2006).

Approximately 85% of Canada’s francophones live in Quebec but there are also large concentrations in northern Ontario, the Ottawa Valley, northern New Brunswick and on the east coast of New Brunswick. Only 0.54% (half of one percent) of Canada’s francophones identify themselves as evangelical Christians, which makes Canada’s French-speaking population the most unreached mission field in North America. This is our mission field.

The strength of our ministry lies in our wonderful team of missionaries. Most of them were born in Quebec, and experienced a dramatic conversion experience when they met Jesus Christ and committed their lives to Him. They are devoted to ministry and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ to their own people.

Most of our missionaries are directly or indirectly involved in church planting, which is at the very heart of our mission: to help in the establishment of new and growing francophone churches in Quebec, and the other French-speaking regions of Canada.