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Street Children's Home

There are an estimated 8,000 children living on the streets of Honduras. Because there isn't enough money to provide for them, many have been turned out by their families, while others have escaped abusive homes. Living on the street is a deadly game, as children often become victims of sexual predators and drug dealers; many die prematurely.

For just $35 you can sponsor a child for one month. These funds help to cover some of the cost related to food, lodging, clothing, education and medical care. (#3255)

Cost: $35 per child per monthGeneral - Click to donate 2

 Project overseer: Melodie Francis

Improvements to Casa Hogar

For many years, Casa Hogar has provided a home to street children in Honduras. They are provided with a loving environment to learn and to grow. Many of the children were abandoned because their parents didn't have the means to provide for them.

Help update the facilities at Casa Hogar to ensure the continued comfort and safety of the children through these projects:

  • In Case of Emergency

An evacuation plan and emergency exits are necessary to comply with upgraded Honduran building standards for homes like Casa Hogar. Project funds raised will be used to purchase supplies and install emergency exit doors.  (#3254)

Project goal: $1,750General - Click to donate 2


  • In Hot Water

Funds raised through this project will be used to replace the home’s water tank and pump which are no longer working properly. This will ensure hot water when needed and also help to reduce electricity costs for Casa Hogar.  (#3260)

Project goal: $1,875

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 Project overseer: Melodie Francis