Cristina B

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Cristina B

Home Church: Calvary, Guelph, ON

Significant Dates:
∙ Appointed for short-term service in North Africa in 2016.

Cristina was born into a loving Christian home in Recife, Brazil. She accepted Christ into her life at a young age and always loved hearing stories about missionaries who worked in Africa and Brazil. One of her biggest dreams was to become a missionary in Africa.

Cristina and her family moved to Canada in 2008. She attended the University of Guelph and graduated in Biological and Pharmaceutical Chemistry in 2015. While at university, she accepted an invitation to attend a meeting from a Christian group called “Power To Change” (P2C). There she heard the message about how Jesus is the only One who has the power to free people from sin. Through the ministry of P2C Cristina surrendered her life back to Jesus and became intentional about having a personal relationship with Him.

Through her involvement with P2C she had the opportunity to go on a six-week mission trip to North Africa in the summer of 2014. There she felt confident of God's calling her into mission service in North Africa.

Following graduation, she remained in Guelph for an extra year to serve at Calvary Baptist Church as the Youth Intern. Being an intern gave her the opportunity to develop her teaching skills and increased her knowledge of the Word of God. She felt God directing her to use her science degree to become a science teacher. This would stand as a platform for future missions in North Africa. As much as she loved teaching and serving at Calvary, her heart still was burdened for the people in the Arab World. Cristina decided to take a step of faith and apply to go back to North Africa for a year to help in the process of church planting through Fellowship International.

Cristina was welcomed to the Fellowship International family and is excited to be able to return to North Africa for a full year beginning in the summer of 2016.