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Eric is a retired missionary, pastor, author and seminary professor. He and his wife Mary Helen served in Pakistan for 18 years, at Long Branch Baptist Church in Toronto for 9 years followed by various part-time interim pastorates combined with part-time writing. He served as professor of missions at Toronto Baptist Seminary for some time. Nine of his books have been published.

He is available to speak to churches on a variety of topics, especially those related to his books: missions, forgiveness, and spiritual gifts. He is also available to give readings on his suspense novels, or lead workshops on writing.

Contact Information:
Website: www.countrywindow.ca   
Blog: http://ericewright.wordpress.com

· Strange Fire?  (EP)
Analyzing the Toronto Blessing and the Vineyard movement. Available from author only

· Church--No Spectator Sport   (EP) 
How to discover and develop your spiritual gifts $10

· Revolutionary Forgiveness  (EP)
Study guide on sorting through the multitude of questions about forgiveness. $8

· Through A Country Window  (Essence) 
How a farm girl from SC and a city boy from Toronto discovered a country idyll; a celebration of country life. $18

· Down A Country Road  (Day One)
52 inspirational readings from out where the sky springs free. $13

· A Practical Theology of Missions  (Day One)
A comprehensive analysis of the theology and practice of missions today with many examples. $20

· Josh Radley Suspense Novels   (Winner of Word Guild Awards)
             #1 The Lightning File   (Hidden Brook Press) 
             Terrorists target America from Canadian soil while journalist struggles with his faith and marriage. $18
             #2 Captives of Minara (Word Alive) 
             A modern slave trader and a lost city in Pakistan. Much info on Pakistan today. $18
             #3 Rust Bucket

· Riptide: Purchase price $18

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-Revolutionary Forgiveness,
-Through a Country Window,
-Church--No Spectator Sport,
-The Lightning File & Captives of Minara
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