International personnel - Webb PD   

Phil and Deene Webb

Home Church: Calvary, Edmonton, AB

Significant Dates:
∙ Appointed for ministry to Colombia, 1983.
∙ Departed for field in 1983.

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Phil and Deene have been serving in Colombia since 1983.  They were teachers for three years and then planted churches until 2006. 

During this time, five El Redil churches were started. In the last three years the Webbs have focused on pastoring pastors and leaders in part through a retreat centre (Shabbat House) where they train pastors and leaders in transformational leadership. They host the ministerial teams of El Redil, giving them days of reflection, rest, healing and fun. The emotional and spiritual care provided at Shabbat House is desperately needed and very much appreciated.  Since this ministry was launched three years ago, over 200 people are blessed each year through this ministry.

Phil and Deene are shepherding the pastors of the five El Redil congregations and providing counseling. They direct the team of missionaries in Medellín and have also helped with church plants in Venezuela and Mexico and Santa Marta in Colombia. In addition, they are involved in raising funds to send missionaries from Medellín to other countries.

The Webbs have three children who are all married and live in Canada.