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Ken and Bola Taylor's primary focus is evangelism, equipping, exploring and encouraging in Japan.




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Ken and Bola Taylor invited Christ into their lives at the height of their professional music careers. Bola was a jazz-pop singer, Ken a rising musical director/arranger. Before becoming Christians, both toured Southeast Asian night clubs and concert stages. Ken and Bola have been described as “musicianaries” as they use extremely creative ministries and relevant strategies in sharing the gospel with the Japanese.

Evangelism—Concerts are a natural outlet for Ken and Bola. They continue to perform in clubs, churches, and other community venues to share the gospel through live musical performances.
Church planting is an important ministry involvement for Ken and Bola. They have teamed up with other WorldVenture missionaries in the areas of evangelism outreach and worship development. In 2003, they ended their work at Saikyo Hope Chapel in Toda when a national pastor took over. They moved on to assist with Denen Grace Chapel in Kawasaki.

Equipping—Christian Leadership Training Center (CLTC) is a unique school that Ken spearheaded in 2003 to train emerging Japanese Christian lay leaders. By its third year, CLTC doubled its full-time students to 25 and witnessed its first batch of graduates. CLTC’s 3H program offers theological training (Head), skill development seminars (Hand), and a mentoring program (Heart) that deals with issues of the heart.

Exploring—Bola is involved in a new compassion ministry. GLOW (God's Love on Wheels) assists in distributing used, refurbished wheelchairs in the Philippines for indigents who need mobility assistance.

Black Gospel music is a phenomenon in Japan. It was popularized by the movie Sister Act. Since then, thousands of gospel choirs have started. Ken and Bola lead a growing network of gospel choirs called Hallelujah Gospel Family, consisting of about 20 choirs with over 500 members about 80 percent of whom are not-yet-Christians. They strategically partner with host churches and intentionally develop relationships. The gospel is shared through rehearsals, regional and combined concerts, and even international tours. Through this creative ministry, a steady number of choir members are becoming Christians and thousands are exposed to the good news through Black Gospel music.

Encouraging—Ken is the associate director for Japan Christian in the Arts Network. He is involved in various projects that network, resource, and equip artists and assist churches in creative and artistic endeavors.