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Gene and Linda's primary focus is teaching MKs in Thailand.






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Gene and Linda Fisher were first appointed by WorldVenture to teach the children of missionaries at Murree Christian School in Pakistan. After 30 years, the Fishers had to leave this ministry when Murree Christian School was closed following a terrorist attack in August 2002. At that point the Fishers, along with about 100 students and other staff members, moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Gene and Linda have always believed that God called them to work with missionary kids (MKs), and so, when it became apparent that they would not be able to return to Pakistan, they began to look for opportunities to use their gifts and skills at another MK school. During his years at Murree, Gene taught instrumental, choral, and general music to grades 1-12, as well as Christian studies to senior high students. Since 1991, Linda's main focus was as high school principal.

Grace International School in Chiang Mai, Thailand, was a school that had the exact vacancies that the Fishers could fill; Grace needed a band teacher and a secondary principal. WorldVenture agreed that a transfer to Thailand was in the best interest of both the Fishers and Grace, so, Gene and Linda began their new ministry in August 2003. Gene teaches band and elementary music and Linda is the secondary principal.

The 560 students at Grace International School come from over 23 countries, and their parents work with 62 different Christian organizations. Grace enables these ministers of the gospel to reach seven countries in Southeast Asia. One third of the world's population lives within a three-hour flight of Chiang Mai, which makes it a strategic hub for Christian outreach. Gene and Linda are excited about the vital role they will play in helping to accommodate the steady increase in numbers over the next five years, meeting the needs of an additional 300 students.