WorldVenture pics - ThorpJim and Corrine Thorp

Jim and Corrine serve missionaries in the Americas as Director of WorldVenture's Ministries in North, Central and South America.


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Jim and Corrine Thorp left for Brazil in 1977 where they spent 18 years in Sao Luis doing church planting and leadership development. In 2005, they sensed a leading from God to go to Mozambique where they were involved in leadership development and compassion ministry for three and a half years. In 2008, they began their new role, with Jim serving as the Americas Ministries Director with WorldVenture, so they moved back to Brazil and live in Campinas.

From their home in Brazil, they travel to the fields they supervise in North, Central and South America. One of their primary roles is to visit over 60 missionaries on the fields where they live, which requires them to travel a good amount of the time. They normally visit the 11 countries under their supervision at least once a year. When they are home, they keep in contact with the missionaries to answer their questions and help them develop their strategies for life and ministry.

Their role is to be a pastor to the missionaries so that they can be the most effective in the roles that God has called them to fulfill. When the missionaries struggle with life, Jim and Corrine try to help them find the tools they need to remain on the field. Another part of their work is to look for new fields of service and to help recruit the needed workers for these new fields and the already established fields of WorldVenture in the Americas.