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Saved at the age of six or seven during family devotions, affirmed on January 23, 1951 at a Youth for Christ rally in London Ontario, it would not be unreasonable to say that Thorold’s life has been lived out as a child of God. Even as a youngster his interest in spiritual things led him to walk three miles or so each Sunday to Sunday school.

Opportunities to serve the Lord began with his heading up the ISCF group at his high school, and continued through nearly two decades of leadership with the Christian Service Brigade and eventually led him into the pastorate.
Through his quarter century as a professional soldier his life was seasoned with endless adventures.  He came to recognize that it was God who determined his postings; the Army only got to sign off on them.  These are recorded in volume one of his biography, ‘Born to Run.’
As a pastor, together with his wife Irene, their first church was started in their home and grew to 370 souls in six and half years.  From that point on they undertook the ministry of working with three churches in crisis and, before retirement, served for a time as Regional Director of the Central Region of the Fellowship.
They have been blessed with five daughters, sixteen grandchildren and five great grandchildren.  Now retired in Brantford, Ontario they are members of Central Baptist Church.

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-Lieutenant Colonel "Boom" Marsaw:  Born to Run (JPEnterprises/Essence Publishing)

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