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Ben and Krista Taylor

Home Church: West Highland, Hamilton, ON

Significant Dates:
∙ Krista was appointed for ministry in Poland, September 2004.
∙ Ben and Krista were married in January 2010.
∙ Ben was appointed in November 2010.
· Taylors arrived in Poland in 2011.

Krista was born in Hamilton, Ontario and came to know Christ in a personal way at a summer camp at the age of 10. In high school, Krista began playing volleyball at a competitive level and later received an NCAA Division I volleyball scholarship at Bowling Green State University.  There she played for a Christian coach who was involved in Athletes in Action.  Throughout university Krista grew in her relationship with the Lord and began understanding more of His heart for the lost, both on her campus and around the world.  She led Bible studies and shared Christ with her teammates and others on campus and during summer break was able to take part in three short term mission trips, which would forever change her heart and path in life.  The Lord directed her heart towards Poland, a country full of young people, desperately in need of the gospel of grace and in 2004, Krista joined a church planting team in Poznan, Poland. In 2006, Krista changed partner organizations and worked with Josiah Venture, in helping to equip and train young leaders.  In 2008, Krista took a leave of absence, to study at Dallas Theological Seminary, during which time she met Ben Taylor.

Ben's family resides in Titusville, FL and he was brought up going to church but drifted away during and after high school.  After hitting rock bottom, knowing that God existed and loved Him, Ben finally yielded his life to Him.  Not only in part, but in it's entirety.  Ben sensed the Lord was asking him to leave his home and work in North Africa.  After coming back to Christ, Ben joined Youth With a Mission and took part in a Discipleship Training School where he was better equipped in his faith and sharing it with others.  He grew a lot during this time and in 2006 was accepted on staff with YWAM at their North Africa offices in Southern Spain. He served in a variety of ways and eventually took over the short term teams department.  He was in charge of leading orientation and debrief-sessions with the teams, as well as helping them set up their schedule in North Africa.  In June 2009, Ben left Spain to study the Bible for a year at Criswell College in Dallas, TX. 

Ben and Krista were married in January 2010 and departed for the field in 2011. They now live in Wroclaw, Poland and are reaching out to university students to share the hope that they have in Christ. The Taylors have three young sons: Lucas, Elias and Alex.