Syrian Refugee Crisis


We have been so encouraged to see the response to help some of the refugees created by the conflict in Syria. To date we have received $131,000 with which to provide food and sanitary packages as well as blankets through our partner organization Operation Mobilization. These relief supplies are being distributed to refugees in camps in the surrounding countries and also to internally displaced persons still living within Syria. As the battle within Aleppo rages on, we hear of many more families being forced from their homes, and innocent lives being threatened and lost.

FAIR is seeking to continue to supply relief supplies to those who have been traumatized by the war in Syria. We encourage you to prayerfully consider how the Lord would have you respond to help alleviate the suffering of those in this region of the world.


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Since the beginning of the conflict in Syria in 2011, there has been widespread displacement of the Syrian people. This has had a profound impact on those fleeing from the country, sometimes forcing people to take drastic measures in order to escape danger. In late 2015, the image of a Syrian toddler’s body washed up on a Turkish beach has flooded news outlets around the world and shone a spotlight on the refugee crisis in Europe. The situation in Syria is alarming:

· half of all Syrians have been displaced—11.5 million people
· the UN is labeling this as the greatest humanitarian tragedy since WWll.

The impact of this crisis has reached the shores of North America as many reflect and wonder what more can be done and how they can help.

Indeed the needs are great. We can feel helpless in the face of all that can and should be done to help those in need in Syria and those leaving their country seeking asylum. We know the situation needs wisdom. We pray and we want to ACT.

FAIR is responding to the crisis in the best way we know how: through partnership with reputable, like-minded organizations.

FAIR’s plan:


Through partnership with Operation Mobilization (OM), FAIR will be distributing food packages and hygiene packs, and offering housing assistance.

OM has had a long-standing presence in Syria helping to alleviate basic human suffering. From January to June 2015 were able to provide approximately 5,000 food packages every month to families in need.

As funds become available through our generous donors, we will be able to help with very immediate human survival requirements.

To donate via our secure website, CLICK HERE.

For an example video of a program run through OM to help refugee children CLICK HERE.

To view an update video of OM's ministry to Syrian refugees, CLICK HERE.

To read stories from some of OM's refugee camps, CLICK HERE.

2.   Our LONG TERM plan:

The Canadian Government announced late in 2015 that 25,000 spaces would be allotted for Syrian refugees to come to Canada because of the immediate refugee crisis. Those wishing to sponsor a refugee family must be a Sponsorship Agreement Holder (SAH) or partnered as a Constituency Group (CG) of an SAH organization.

FAIR has developed an agreement with The Christian Missionary Alliance in Canada [C&MA] (who is a Sponsorship Agreement holder organization) to help facilitate refugee sponsorships. This provides an avenue for our Fellowship churches to apply to receive refugee families.

For information on the sponsorship program, CLICK HERE.

Please be in prayer. We know this has touched the hearts of many and can also leave a sense of helplessness as the needs are enormous. We encourage you to spread the word about FAIR’s refugee-sponsorship initiative. Let’s do SOMETHING.

We CAN do our part in this crisis. Please consider giving to the immediate needs and sharing with friends, family and church family about the opportunity to host a refugee family through our partnership with C&MA. Please contact us if you are interested and we would be glad to provide more information.

Please watch this video produced by C&MA. Use it as you appeal to your church regarding the sponsoring of a refugee family.