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Dan and Alice Simmons

Significant Dates:
∙ Appointed for career service by WorldVenture in 1980.
∙ Partnered with Fellowship International since 1998. 

One of the strengths of Fellowship International can be found in our partnerships with other agencies of similar faith. One such partnership with WorldVenture, has long been part of our history in several countries, including Italy.

Dan Simmons comes from Oregon, the product of a Christian home. Dan came to faith at an early age, and later pursued his considerable ability in music by attending Biola College with the intention of teaching music and influencing young people for Christ.  As he was finishing college, Dan realized that God has other plans for him. He enrolled in Western Baptist Conservative Seminary as the first step toward full-time ministry.

Alice hails from a Mennonite family from Didsbury, Alberta and accepted Christ at an early age. A grad of Prairie Bible Institute and nurses’ college, Alice developed skills in ministry working alongside family engaged in ministry in Jamaica. She met Dan at seminary and together they applied to WorldVenture for service wherever the mission determined their skills and personalities could best be used.

It is seldom recommended that missionaries work alone in any part of the world. When approached in 1998 about the possibility of “adopting” Dan and Alice, Fellowship International was happy to be able to partner with WorldVenture in supporting the Simmons as part of our missionary family. The Simmons are involved in church-planting ministry in Rome, Italy.