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Missionary, speaker, educator, writer, editor, and cat lover, Lynda was born and raised in Timmins, the heart of gold mining country, in northeastern Ontario, Canada. In 2010, she completed fifteen years of ministry in Caracas, Venezuela with Fellowship International. Lynda has served with that same mission for most of the last thirty years. She also served as Director of Christian Education in three Ontario churches. As well she writes for the Communications Department of The Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada and is Managing Editor of THRIVE magazine, the official publication of the Fellowship. Divine Design is the English edition of Diseño Divino Para La Vida Diaria, published in Colombia in 2008 as a resource for Latin America.

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-Diseño Divino Para La Vida Diaria (published in 2008 as a resource for Latin America)
is a daily devotional book which will take the reader from Genesis through Revelation and provide the opportunity for the reader to respond to the teaching of Scripture and develop the habit of journaling.

-Divine Design for Daily Living—a daily devotional book  (Word Alive Press)
This is the English edition of Diseño Divino Para La Vida Diaria and was published in 2009.

Do you want to go just a little bit deeper in your study of the Scriptures? Divine Design for Daily Living provides three simple steps that will help you explore the Word of God. As you work through the book, you will:

1. Read through the entire Bible over the course of one year, gaining a broader perspective of God's message to the world.
2. Analyze and apply the verse or verses from each daily reading that have the greatest impact on you. 3.Journal your thoughts and discoveries, maintaining a daily record of your spiritual journey that you can add to every year as you read through the Bible. Take the whole journey. If your steps falter, don't be discouraged; even a faltering step is a right step when it leads to a more intimate relationship with God and His Word.  (Published: October 2009)

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-Barnes & Noble

-Ordinary People with an Extraordinary God—The First 50 Years of Fellowship International
(published in 2013)

This book contains many of the personal stories of those who have served with the mission since its inception and traces the history of God’s faithfulness to His servants.

Where books can be purchased:
-Books may be purchased through the Fellowship via email or phoning: 519-821-4830 Ext. 227.